Character Demo
(a one-minute sample of several characters.)

The Last Unicorn
(a song)

The Madness of Sarkhan
(a one-minute sample, read from HERE.)

We Will Survive (Excerpt)
(a one-minute-20-second sample,
read from HERE.)

Tesla-Master of Lightning —
How to Play the Card Game VIdeo

 Transpos-O-Matic Instructions Video

Office Supplies Radio Commercial (mp3)

Coach House Installation Video

Hoffer Plastics Corporate Video

Lacks TRAKTR Chrome Wheel Trim video

Bucky Fuller Biography Video

Schitzophrenic Conversation (mp3)
(dialog by Regulus at

Miscellanious Clips (mp3)

Narration / Video Voice-Over (wav)

Broadcast / Radio Commercial (wav)